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Some ideas

  • Some ideas

    Battle mage weapons need some work. Ancient spear is about same damage as a MMS, with similar stat req. of AMS. An idea I had was to up the damage on spears and other BM weapons to that of Paly weapons as a minimum. Though taking into account that MMS/AMS require more strength then the Spears, adding a few extra points of damage seems fair. Another thing would be, ability to tank. Int vs Wis for AC Wis will win. So paly winning there again. I dunno if there is a new spell for Battle mages like a stance that I think warriors and such have. If there is upping it to a point to be on par with what a paly could manage would be nice. Make them nearly equal in world. yet different, i dunno they still would seem the same just int over wis, and ability to level with int spells (if thats your thing).

    Another idea I had was to add some resists to the element based armors, Shiverbolt/bloodquartz/Amethyst/Shadow and so on. In pvp once a mage is entangled, which with no resists from Armor, is quite often. Nothing too high. Something around Mithril armor or Dragonscale? It seems fair to me. Well maybe dark mages not so much but I think the nerf to their drain has covered their OP-ness.

    Another thing is fine tuning 4i + monsters. The AC requirements are a little high from what I've been hearing, seeing. The health pools are quite high also. Hmm I guess is making some spots for archers and for melee that are doable alone. Not that this symbiotic relationship between mages and physical damage toons isnt amusing but it is the only way to do any decent xp.

    *example* - @ spiders I can manage 78m p/hr on my own. 140mil p/hr with a spawner. Not sure about the spawner but I'm pretty sure they get way better xp with the mage killing. To be honest people shouldn't need to work as teams to get any decent xp.

    Well that about covers my random thoughts so far on server. Thx for taking the time to read it, I know it's a lot.

    Created: 18 August 2013 23:42 by ReaperEoC
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