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Signing off

  • Signing off

    Friends and strangers,
    I have been happy to play T4C for Almost 20 years. I think it all started on a server named "Aliens" about 1996 or 97? Not sure.  Just wanted to thank most of you for the memories, and wish you luck. To be honest I think I had the most fun with my stay at Havoc, where my main was named BuZZ, fighting Fumei, Ronin, Netz and others. Give a shout out to Esquared, WarMachine and Rotten. I'll Also miss chatting with Pers on RM, we seem to have the same sense of humor. Too many people thru the years, like Quest GoD, who invited my to my first guild, and Turula who invited me into my first BR dominate guild. Thanks for letting my play along.
    Signing off active chars,

    Created: 24 February 2015 02:16 by DERP
  • Pers here

    Damn bro,gonna miss ya man,hope all is well...had some fun times just talking shit with ya.
    Hit me up with your steam if you got one man.if not ill hope to catch ya in game again someday.
    Take care brother.
    Created: 25 February 2015 04:11 by Vicarious
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