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Severe LAG.

  • Severe LAG.

    I am a returning player. I have an AMD (TMFX) quad 8 core, 16 gig (Speed demon) memory on 1 terabyte SSD, 3.5 GHz system. All fully automated high end graphics card by EVGA -> TITAN (AKA) Big Maxwell. 1127 MHz,3072 CUDA Core, 12 GIG GDDR5 Vram, 4K output VMI HDMI, PCI X16. (VMI) Virtual memory interface.
    I custom built this for speed, graphics, work and programmability. But I find that the extreme and excessive lag in towns where nothing's going on is an extreme concern. My Split laptop does fine for my daughter, but on the beast of a system that fails horribly against a child's computer is just jaw dropping staggering.Of all the games I've played and the software packages I've used on this beast of a system, it takes an old time OMPG game like this to see how it can cripple a system that's superior I every way to a child's computer, and yet. How easily hopes die when playing this RPG. Memory, superior drives, and a decked out CPU system. GAWD!! What I would give for a damn sledge hammer. HEAD TO KEYBOARD, BRAIN DAMMAGE!KREED! GUILDWARS! SNIPER! BLACKOPS! COREL! DAZ3D expansion and add-on for animations along with COLD FUSION. Nothing prepared me to see this when I logged into this game...
    Created: 27 April 2015 11:55 by vwinterborn1
  • Hello "vwinterborn1"

    You can try going and right clicking the T4C icon and go into properties and finding open file location and the first folder call redist click it and run the program inside.Next you can right click the T4C icon and go into properties again open file location and  find T4C config and try running the game in window or via versa and other resolutions.Log into game go into options tab and try unchecking some options on and off.Try checking if your graphic cards are up to date and try re downloading the game if possible.You can try things like Razer Game Booster or other softwares to ease gaming 

    The 4th Coming is a old game and at times we experience crashes and time warps for all users including staff if you have any more concerns email or or submit a ticket on the link I submitted on this reply message when you visit the link you can submit a ticket and have your problem be look further by higher management.SUBMIT A PROBLEM
    Created: 28 April 2015 00:50 by RuptureT4C
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