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Server population and Ester event

  • Server population and Ester event

    Hello Staff,Still you alive?
    I'm playing here since dec 2015 and in like three months i see the server moving to death.
    In the last 15-30 days the server population reached 20-25 players when best and like 6-10 in the most of time.
    Lag , crashes, no events , no gm online to help ppl stuck, the firsts things made this i think.
    What's your plan for the future?
    Also no info on Ester event, and tomorrow is Ester...
    I hope you will do something for Ester or as lot of ppl did.. I'll stop play and pay vip service for play a single player game...
    Hope also you will answer to my posy with apologizes to all ppl still playing and explain what's is going on.
    Created: 26 March 2016 02:49 by aconti
  • i agree

    yes i think everyone is tired of not knowing whats going on no post anywhere not even the facebook page no one tells player anything staff all most never on or they are hiding 
    Created: 26 March 2016 19:00 by fubar
  • *tap tap* Is this thing on?

    Hello Realmudders,

    First of all, let me say thank you to you guys. I know it's not easy to believe in magic happening behind the curtains where you can't see what's going on, but I appreciate all of you for your patience in the past few weeks. 

    As for myself personally, I have recently recovered from being quite ill, during which time I was unable to use a computer. Obviously, without being able to use a computer, I have been unable to see to the needs of the realm for the duration of my illness. However, I am now back and have been spending every free moment I've had (as I do work a full-time job as well) trying to catch up on the mountains of emails that have collected in my inbox so that I can retroactively solve the issues that players have had in my absence. 

    I have also been combing through server logs looking for any clues I can find that will point me in the direction of the source of these crashes and time warps. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about that right now as I don't know anything. What I can tell you is anything I can think of that could possibly be a cause is being addressed and tested so that we can rule things out and move on to the next item. 

    I am also addressing the staff presence issue. You will start to see more and more staff members on more regularly over the course of the next week and beyond. If you have an issue, you can also email me at and I will reply to you at my earliest convenience. For some reason, a lot of player emails have been routed to my spam folder and I didn't realize this until recently, so I have gotten into the habit of checking that folder once a day as well, so if I don't answer you right away, that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, just that I haven't gotten to you yet, and I appreciate your patience. :)

    Facebook is a very good tool for keeping up with updates, but is not a support forum for Dialsoft T4C. If you have an issue and need help, if you cannot contact a staff member in-game, then please visit and fill out a support ticket and you will be guaranteed a reply there. You can also send an email like I said before, but please be mindful of the volume of emails I receive daily and that it may take time for me to get around to yours. 

    Once again, I'm sorry for the inconveniences, but we are doing everything we can to remedy the issues that are plaguing the realm. 

    As always, Have fun and play nice. ;)
    .:.Shinigami HGM
    Created: 03 April 2016 03:03 by Shinigami
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