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Seraphing clarification?

  • Seraphing clarification?

    Okay so just wondering but do you get a clean slate when hitting the seraph mark?
    Like do you lose all all spells and skills?
    Does previous stat investment before seraphing have any roll over effect into?

    I think I may have read a warning about removing your equipment before hand or you might lose that stuff.

    Just wondering how much freedom you get to remake your character from better starting stats.
    I pretty much built a glass cannon/pots mage but invested a bunch of points wastefully in some spells just to see as much as I could about npc weaknesses and to look at those sicknasty animations. Plan to focus on a later min/max when I had a good understanding of the realm.
    Anyways I'm doing an F2P challenge so all that's a ways off anyway.

    Created: 11 June 2017 06:44 by Keitaro
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