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Selling x5 Ancient Pally lvl 166

  • Selling x5 Ancient Pally lvl 166

    Hello guys

    Im selling the toon below. Fair price.Highlights: Ancient full, lvl 166 Pally with GMS+3.
    If you are interested, please e-mail me at

    CHARACTER STATISTICS: ONIONLevel: 166 (XP: 15555325410)Strength: 300 (243)Health: 3362 (866)Endurance: 300 (78)Mana: 1502Agility: 45 (33)Karma: -200Wisdom: 231 (196)Remorts: 5Intelligence: 174 (48)Stats: 0 / Skillpoints 6Gold: 183470 (Bank: 0)Interaction Points: 8 (Total: 208)

    CHARACTER SKILLS: ONIONAttack: 1450 (2452)Dodge: 15 (214)Archery: 15 (391)Armor Penetration: 100 (15)First Aid: 0Hide: 0Meditate: 20 (20)Parry: 80 (30)Peek: 0Picklock: 0Power Blow: 100 (40)Rapid Healing: 0 (30)Rob: 0Search: 0Sneak: 0Stun Blow: 0 (15)

    CHARACTER ELEMENTS: ONIONAir Power: 100 (33)Air Resist: 100 (118)Dark Power: 100 (25)Dark Resist: 100 (118)Earth Power: 115 (38)Earth Resist: 130 (134)Fire Power: 100 (33)Fire Resist: 100 (143)Light Power: 115 (72)Light Resist: 5000Water Power: 100 (33)Water Resist: 100 (118)

    INVENTORY ITEMS: ONION1Shadow legplates 1Starshade protector 4i Book of 1000 Destinys 4i Quest Energy Orb Amulet of Rejuvenation Amulet of Replenishment Ancient platemail armor Ancient platemail boots Ancient platemail gauntlets Ancient platemail helmet Ancient platemail leggings Armlet of Flames Belt of Unstable Protection Bracer of the Immortal Bracers of the barbarian Caledbolg Companion Gem Critical healing potion Crude iron key Darkstone Dull copper key Eliza Bragwins Hope Elvenbane Emerald crystal key Gem of Destiny Gem of Flames Gem of Rejuvenation Gem of Replenishment Gem of the Immortals Gem of Unstable Protection Gem of Vitality Gleaming orichalcum key Golden morningstar 3 Guardian Ring of Vitality Ivory key Key of Ogrimar Letter from Crimsonscale Mana prism Orb of Armor Penetration Profession Gathering Knife Profession Pickaxe Profession Saw PVP serious healing potion Remort black wings Remort wings Arch angel wings Ring of the lion Ring of the Seraph Ring of the Seraph Runed Stone Tablet Sapphire crystal key Scroll of Lighthaven Seraph plate Shadeen earrings Shield of the Ages Shimmering platinum key Shiny silver key Small silver key Solid gold key

    SPELLBOOK: ONIONBarrierBlessCurseEarthen StrengthEarthquakeEntangleGyromancyHeal CriticalHeal LightHeal SeriousHealingHealing MistKnight's furyLightMajor Combat SenseMana ShieldMana SurgeMass HealingMinor Combat SensePlagueProtectionResist FireResist IceScatter shardsShatterStone ShardStone SkinTranquilityTrue SightWarrior's veilWord of Recall

    Created: 02 September 2015 12:51 by Cebolinha
  • Sold.

    Account has been sold. Thanks
    Created: 10 September 2015 07:42 by Cebolinha
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