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Selling x4 level 219 dragon warrior.

  • Selling x4 level 219 dragon warrior.

    Hi there. As stated above. i am selling my warrior off. pm me for offer if interested. tyvm.
    Created: 26 October 2014 03:22 by peacemaker
  • ...

    How much for it
    Replied: 26 October 2014 20:35 by ojlijen
  • .....

    i am looking at around 70-80 usd. wish to get rid of that asap.
    Created: 26 October 2014 21:35 by peacemaker
  • ...

    i might be willing to do 70 can you give me more info about the character.
    Replied: 27 October 2014 00:06 by ojlijen
  • ...

    That toon basically has botb if u know what i mean. but i don't know how much its worth now. full dragon armor with tb,warders. all resist to earth. has truesight to see invis char. and still have 965 t4c gold left. prolly more. what else u need to know do let me know.
    Created: 27 October 2014 00:16 by peacemaker
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    alright ill take it
    Replied: 27 October 2014 23:36 by ojlijen
  • ...

    look for alvernia ingame. i going get into game in abit. 
    Created: 27 October 2014 23:43 by peacemaker
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    80 usd for this char and i will be willing to let it go. pm alvernia ingame. 
    Created: 28 October 2014 10:40 by peacemaker
  • Toon

    Is this toon still available? 
    Created: 01 November 2014 06:39 by bloodycupcake
  • ...

    yes it is still available. i am letting go at 80 usd. let me know if u are interested. 
    Created: 01 November 2014 06:58 by peacemaker
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