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Selling toon x3 level 60

  • Selling toon x3 level 60

    Level: 60
    Strength: 40
     Health: 750
    Endurance: 180
     Mana: 476
    Agility: 40
     Karma: 325
    Wisdom: 115
     Remorts: 3
    Intelligence: 95  Include extra items: Full set of Platinum Armor + Shield
     Amulet of precision Amulet of Renewal Blade of sharpness Book of Warfare Companion Gem Crown of the visionary Darkstone Gem of Destiny Gem of Renewal Gem of Vitality Guardian Ring of Vitality Letter from Crimsonscale Manastone Miracle stone Rabbit Ears Remort white wings Ring of the healer Runed Stone Tablet Sapphire bracelet Skull dagger 2 x1 Orb 
    Gold: 101108•Price 40$ including transfer character scroll (15$)
    Created: 11 November 2014 06:26 by Saske87
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