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Selling account (lack of time so I got to quit)

  • Selling account (lack of time so I got to quit)

    Account with chars:
    goodie 4x lvl193 air mage (40/400/40/310/370 - 125 pwr) with... Undroppable items: Freyais blessing, coral shield, xp orbs (4x 15min double xp, 9 double xp 45min and 3 triple xp), 21 luck orbs, rabbit ears, light blue wings, extended spell / gem timer scrolls, gluriurl jewelry, moib Droppable items: Optional... Mantle of air, titan armor, wand of lost sorcery, taranis jewelry, mystic headband of the wind, sapphire power focus.
    Evil 4x lvl183 warrior (433/350/75/150/102 - 140 earth res and 120 air res and 110 air res) Undroppable items: Rabbit ears, gluriurl jewelry, xp orbs (2x 15min double xp, 4 double xp 45min and 3 triple xp), 3 luck orbs, extended gem timers Droppable items: Optional: Dragon armor set with shield, darkwood shield, hero's amulet, gladiator ring, ring of berserker, blade of the ancient phoenix, 10 ac bracers (leaves/cracked/prismatic)
    Goodie 2x lvl 35 mage (30/100/30/100/60 - 120 fire pwr) Undroppable items: Rabbit ears, xp orbs (3 3x orbs and 6 15min double xp) Droppable items: None atm.
    Stuff: Gold (200+ million, full azure armor, athena's necklace, chipped azure ring, glowing orb, good seraph items set (almost full if not full), resist pots, critical healing pots, mana prisms, 200+ 4th island dusts and books (For xp / quests), Fire/Dark/earth robes (not 4th island), mantle of elements, girdle of insight, armband of vigor, mantle of light, power focuses, full fallen armor set (for archer), full ancient armor (without shield), spectral helm, geet, dragonscale set, eye og the tiger... etc etc.

    Email me and ask what you need with offer (usd / eur only) as Ill leave from server.

    Created: 29 September 2017 10:47 by Mathaino
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    are they both on same account? asking price? 
    Created: 30 September 2017 19:27 by keaarori
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    Yes, all 3 chars are on same account. I dont know where the prices goes nowadays so offer me something here or via email.
    Created: 01 October 2017 09:30 by Mathaino
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    i dunno much about pricing these days.. whats  Freyais blessing?
    Created: 02 October 2017 06:03 by keaarori
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    In this case Freyias blessing (that is orb, that takes orb slot) gives more air power (+6).

    You should just say somekind of price... what those chars would be worth for you (and do you want gold / items with them). Chars have best items they can wear but chests are empty if no other have been choosed.
    Created: 02 October 2017 11:27 by Mathaino
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    i dunno about prices these days games, old, only people that buy accts are people that use to play this game along time ago. lvl 200 use to sell for $100-$200 if it was built right (for pvp) but back then lvl 212 was top player... now everyone is 245+. i was thinking freyia's blessing gives better blesses or some stuff. i dont understand the war build with only 140earth res... seems like a good way to get rekt by an archer thats going to entangle you and pound you with arrows. not sure about air mages, i remember at one point in time they got nerfed really decent like, no lube. not sure if they balanced it back to normal or not. i'm not interested in a toon lower than x4 lvl 1, but i dont wanna spend 10yrs trying to get it to lvl 250 either lol
    Created: 03 October 2017 08:31 by keaarori
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    it all boils down to you naming a price, even if i dont buy it for what your asking, everyone that sees this post will have a ballpark idea of what you're asking.
    Created: 03 October 2017 08:35 by keaarori
  • interested

    i'd also like to know a price just for the war
    Created: 04 October 2017 21:08 by 2drunk
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