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Selling Seraphx4 level 150+ characters

  • Selling Seraphx4 level 150+ characters

    Earth Mage with all relevant equipment, i4 access + glowing orb = 100usd<save for editing later>
    Warrior with titanium armor and all relevant equiipment, i4 access + glowing orb = 150usd<save for editing later>Paladin with relevant items, i4 access, titanium armor + dwarven twilight star+3 + glowing orb = 200usd<save for editing later>
    Interested party please PM me for details. Thanks.
    Created: 25 June 2019 02:21 by lkerhsien
  • Warrior Level 173

    Level: 173Stats: 397 400 85 80 98 Skills: Stun Blow 130, Powerful Blow 170, Armor penetration 110, Parry 110, Rapid Healing 130, Attack 2700Equipments: Blade of Ancient Pheonix, Full Titanium Armor, Hero's Amulet, Bracers of the Barbarian, Ring of the Berserker, Gladiator's Ring, Enhanced Good Wings. Belt of Unstable Protection, Glowing OrbInventory: 787k Gold, RST, x2 XP Orb, Ethereal Key, All oracles key, Decree of the Stonecrest temple, Seal Key, incredible candy cane of destruction and mayhem, Rabbit ears, Darkwood shield
    Please email me @ if you are interested. 
    Created: 25 June 2019 11:42 by lkerhsien
  • WARRIOR LEVEL 173 (Continue)

    Account also comes with an additional naked 4x character and all characters including the warrior comes with Extend Spells and Gems timer scrolls.
    Created: 25 June 2019 11:54 by lkerhsien
  • Additional information

    Side note. All accounts comes with 4th island access.
    I will soon be updating on the earth mage and paladin equipments stats and other informations.
    Created: 15 July 2019 02:00 by lkerhsien
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