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Selling Multiple Accounts OVER LVL 245

  • Selling Multiple Accounts OVER LVL 245

    Selling war with TS+3 archer with IPE and Dark with comm and light very GM item.

    Created: 17 September 2017 19:58 by celiaelias
  • ..

    whats stats on toons, what lvls, and what items? and whats asking price for each?
    Created: 30 September 2017 20:06 by keaarori
  • Warrior

    stats/skills/base resistances for warrior?
    Created: 03 October 2017 08:37 by keaarori
  • im interested in warrior too.

    i would like to know stats, skills, resis, and price as well.
    Created: 04 October 2017 15:54 by 2drunk
  • archer

    how much for archer naked?? and what are stats?
    Created: 05 October 2017 05:26 by 2drunk
  • Scam

     celiaelias is trying to run a scam, he fails at producing correct stats on toons
    Created: 05 October 2017 19:58 by keaarori
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