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Selling BIG Account !!!

  • Selling BIG Account !!!

    hello i have to sell full account whit x4 lvl 225 divine light mage whit full flaming divine armor and full frozen divine armor whit new sking enhaced wings etc all done all access arround 200m gold and full light equiped and full earth equiped too,whit alot game items glowings ors and some glowing silver keys too,and lvl 15 mule whit alot items game and armors and gm items etc send email to for more details and offerts, thanks
    Created: 16 May 2018 13:48 by Freiya
  • jaba

    yo bro i have selled you account x4 toon + mule cause you old frend hoax how you go sell account? you went 250 usd for jaba? is a toon i have selled you 20-30 usd how you demandse 250usd? just with my warrior you have selled for PO tc you have reget all usd of the 3or 4 toons and i have gift you my place founder HoAX , please dont sell this and gift me that you have get a lot usd in my face more 200 or 300 , gift me this and a day you need log i re give you pass np, or go sell this and make 400 usd more with one account you have buy 1200 usd honestly i know you more right in old time make sur when you go sell that change the founder statu is cost you 10 usd and one hgm but after all usd you have winne cause me pelase go that or re give me my mage and mule np, hope you dont take that for one affrond but a simply message for you.
    Nath,The Skraug HL
    Created: 01 June 2018 14:42 by demdem HCL
  • you have buy this 100 or 120 usd the 4 or 3 toon sorry bad brain

    Nath,The Skraug HL
    Created: 01 June 2018 14:44 by demdem HCL
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