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Selling Accounts Realmud,4th saga, Abomination.

  • Selling Accounts Realmud,4th saga, Abomination.

    As title stated selling accounts from Realmud, 4th saga, Abomination some chars will be on same account for 2 of the servers.

    First account
    RM: 4x level 212 Earthmage, stats: 40str, 300end, 40agi, 174int, 701wis. with items etc but not alot.

    Second acconut
    RM 3x level 124 Firemage, stats: 35str, 60end, 35agi, 552int, 110wis. with items etc

    4thsaga 2x level 36 earthmage, stats: 20str, 40end, 20agi, 100int, 95wis. with items etc

    3rd account
    abom 1x level 82 firemage, stats: 25str, 30end, 25agi, 340int, 110wis. with items etc

    Will sell all for 50USD paypal only. can sell accounts separate just make an offer.

    p.s If your wondering why 4th saga char is lower with stats that due to hgm setting it up that way as an offer when havoc closed..

    PM or email
    Created: 21 November 2014 15:12 by Earthlink
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