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Selling account.

  • Selling account.

    Hello everyone. 

    Iam selling my account or atleast see if theres any interests on it.
    Account have :

    4x level 211 Darkmage  - 180end divine azure, Full equipt with comm etc.4x level 192 Earthmage - 180end divine azure, Full equipt 4x level 191 Fire BM - 460end Titanium Armor. Full Equipt.4x level 135 Earthmage with BM weapon. 180end, full equipt. Glowing orb etc.
    That is the characters that account got. As i wrote all is full equipt with the best gear they can wear.Also accout got " LOADS " of good items in chests. As Tears, all 4i armor sets, quest items, lots of dusts,books,MMMs. Many GM items and some Celo parts.  And around 100mil gold.

    If you are intrested about this account, write down bids here or email me and we talk    is my email.
    Big thanks in advance.
    Created: 15 October 2014 17:08 by Fiskekungkonung89
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    How much do you ask? (I already asked you that by email on oct 14).
    Best regards
    Replied: 17 October 2014 05:48 by Nebzar
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    Ah i must have miss that email. Im sorry.
    Well i want 200USD for full acc include my chest and everything. 
    But with quick and smooth bought i can turn down the prize alittle.
    Created: 17 October 2014 13:48 by Fiskekungkonung89
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    Thanks for your reply. That's definitely too much for me, even though I fully understand that the price is not unfair.
    Good luck for your sale and regards,Neb
    Replied: 19 October 2014 13:27 by Nebzar
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    I sent you an e-mail
    Replied: 07 November 2014 03:34 by warriorstyle
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