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Selling Account (Prometeo war lvl 249)

  • Selling Account (Prometeo war lvl 249)

    Selling war lvl 249 400 end full equip, botb/hero ecc.. I accept offers

    Selling Dark mage lvl 230 180 end with 14 double xp orb in bag.

    My email is
    Created: 06 September 2016 05:11 by Eventi
  • offer

    I offer $15 seeing as he was built 350 end first then made to 400 end at much higher level.
    Created: 07 September 2016 21:14 by Smuggler4eva
  • Offer expired

    It has already been purchased at an appropriate ammount. Thx
    Created: 08 September 2016 03:43 by Eventi
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