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Selling 5x Ancient Lance archer + Ancient War or Pally

  • Selling 5x Ancient Lance archer + Ancient War or Pally

     Hiya,This account contains two characters 1 is lvl 170 and the other is 137Both toons wear ancient armor.. the war/pally has 300 strength and about 40 points in reserve incase you want to switch him into a pally.
    Make me an offeremail
    1Elfields gauntlets 1Elfields1 key Amulet of precision Ancient platemail armor Ancient spear Arcane circlet of power Ashwood reflex bow Blank magical tome Charged apprentice arrows Cloak of renewal Critical healing potion Deific healing potion Deific key Diamond Drachenshield Dragonscale armor Dragonscale boots Elm flatbow Essence1 Feather Fine steel longbow Fine steel reflex bow Fine steel reflex bow 2 Flight arrow Golden emerald encrusted tiara High clerist robes High metal compound bow 2 High metal reflex bow 2 Jarko Amulet Mantle of death Mithril blade 3 Mystic headband of the wind NP Bow of Shadows NP Dagger of the Sun Plate boots Plate gauntlets Plate helmet Plate leggings Plate protector Platemail Profession Animal Bone Profession Animal Skin Profession Cloth Profession Dragonscale Profession Silk Quickstrike Quiver of Stability Red spellbook Ring of darkness Robe of the Arch Magi Saga plate boots Saga plate protector Sapphire bracelet Sapphire power focus Steel reinforced slasher Tarantula eyes

    Created: 21 December 2016 07:25 by heavy123
  • hmmm

    still have?
    Created: 14 February 2017 00:36 by Jahari
  • sale

    Yes, still for sale.
    Created: 14 February 2017 14:43 by heavy123
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