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Selling 4x light mage/ 4x archer

  • Selling 4x light mage/ 4x archer

    hiya! selling!
    4x(234) light/earth mage 1000 wis unbuffed, fully equiped, enhance wings, comes with full earth gear/ring amulet set. The account also comes with a 4x earth mage , all power in earth, fully equiped with earth gear, currently level 120 ish. 
    4x(199) Fallen archer, full fallen, full deftness set, mahogany bow , needs dragon tears to complete IPE bow, all powers went into earth res, has full spells major combat-plague-swiftness-Magic armor pen, good toon to keep leveling for pvp!
    looking for serious offers on this, email me at - Acoop21@hotmail.comthanks again guys.
    Created: 12 November 2016 11:05 by Magicalmoo
  • light mage

    2 dollar 50 cent
    Created: 14 November 2016 03:08 by MysticMage
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