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Selling - 3x toons, look inside for details.

  • Selling - 3x toons, look inside for details.

    First toon- 4x 180end fallen archer level 154. 180 earth res ( for pvp ). Comes with another set of fallen, lance wood comp+3 ( for ipe later on ) Deftness Set, bloodtiped arrows, ancient island access! lots of other items :). AS well to the account it has another 5 months of vip AND 400 t4c gold. 
    Second toon- 4x 180end light/earth mage, level 235 powers went to light/earth. Full equiped with best slot items you can get. lots of items to sell/use. 1 month remaining on vip
    Third toon- 4x 180end FULL earth mage level 121 , all powers into earth. equiped with mage parts divine azure, insight girdle, mantle of earth etc. currently on oracle quest, still needs items to complete, this toon is GOOD karma ( this toon currently resides on the 235 account, im willing to transfer the character off to a new account ) 
    message me here  , my SKYPE is - Atcooper21and my email is -
    feel free to message me an ask any questions about the toons , i will give all stat info if asked :D. thanks so much! 
    Created: 09 June 2016 17:41 by Magicalmoo
  • Tixel?

    message me in game :)
    Created: 09 June 2016 23:38 by Vahanyos
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