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Selling 3 toons cheap, high lvl

  • Selling 3 toons cheap, high lvl


    I am selling the following characters:

    Titanium Fire Battle Mage - With Hell Sentence ( final weapon ) lvl 191
        VIP status until January 30th 2016, Also comes with Absolute Zero, Battle Cloak, 
         and full folded titanium armor with shield. 65$

    Divine Dark Mage lvl 195, 820 base int. with Cloak of the Midnight Mists (COMM) (rare GM item), Divine armor, Spectral helm, Evil enhanced wings, (2) x2 xp scrolls, gets close to 5.5k dodge boosted and VIP status until January 30th 2016 - 70$.

    Fallen Archer lvl 203 - comes with full fallen armor, Mahogany Bow, Blood Tipped Arrows, Elven Sight, Magic armor penetration. also comes with 80mil gold, and my guild chest (lots and lots of items, not junk) - 70$

    If you are interested in any of these please contact me via email @


    Created: 21 September 2015 05:42 by Da Killa
  • Additional info on Fallen Archer

    I forgot to mention that the Fallen Archer has full DEFT set  and enhanced goodie wings. 

    Created: 23 September 2015 16:40 by Da Killa
  • ...

    do you still have your dark mage for sale ??? let me know
    Replied: 18 March 2016 12:31 by THRISSER
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