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Selling 205 Warr. Trade for Archer

  • Selling 205 Warr. Trade for Archer

    4x Warrior, lvl 205

    750 str, 180 end berzerker for max damage in pvp.  Pretty much every quest done, even has Magic Armor Penetration for +dmg.  Gets well over 1700 str buffed, and is possible to get 2300 dmg per hit using a TS+3.  Price varies for desired gear.

    Warrior + TB (includes Guild BOTAP, Guild Warder Cloak, ACP, and quest belt/jewelry):  $75 transferred

    All of the above plus Heros/Vigor/Zerker/Gladiator jewelry, TS+3, gauntlets of shocking, battle crown of chaos, azure leggings:  $115 transferred

    TRADES:  I am willing to trade for an archer with deftness set.  If the archer is a high level and includes valuable items I am willing to add cash on my end.
    Created: 07 October 2014 17:02 by MiniDevil
  • Hello

    Still with acc?
    Created: 17 April 2016 06:49 by fhadid
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