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Save old t4cbible

  • Save old t4cbible

    I'm an old player who hasn't played in years. I played with my brother on Realmud from around 2005 -> 2009 or so, with a few short times of activity afterwards. The game holds a dear place in my heart still after all these years. 
    Anyways, after some time since we did not play, T4Cbible moved onto a new platform, and IMO, it was never the same. 
    Today after many years, I happened to google T4Cbible and found a backup of the original. I just wanted to share the address, in case someone wants to save the old content (which I sincerely hope someone will do). The nostalgia of this content is insane, considering the languages and the old format of the wiki. The last post in the backup is from April 29 2011. The hoster of the backup is Saunalahti, a Finnish ISP. Link is at the end of this post.
    I've been considering playing again, but never found the motivation and energy. Is there any Discord server or something where old players are still active? You may remember me (and my brother, we never really explicitly stated there were two players playing the characters) on Realmud as xTNTx or NoTarget. I especially remember Felix TC (who went on to be quite a prominient character on the server under another name ;) ) on Realmud.
    Link to the backup:

    Created: 22 March 2019 18:14 by Tuna
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