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Saga Scenario, Act III

  • Saga Scenario, Act III

    Brave heroes of 4thSaga gathered all keys and opened a precious Royal Treasury. They found numerous treasuries there and an item that Sir Roowen was looking for - Space Crystal. Right now he is studying it and is looking forward for heroes to join him on Stoneheim and put a final piece of puzzle in that story with a portal on Arakas!

    Phase 1 on August 16th, 7pm Eastern. Level 50 and higher are welcome!

    - Team Event, make friends and interact with team to complete all the challenges!
    - Good Prizes, nobody works for nothing, deal with all the obstacles and be GREATLY rewarded for your efforts!
    - Active Phases, alot of different mini events in Scenario,playing it never brings boredom!
    - Storyline, follow the storyline and help Sir Roowen understand what summoned a strange portal on Arakas and vroom through all islands to find the answer!
       And alot more in a unique 4thSaga Scenario Event! Don't miss it!

    Thanks! Deadwood -Event Game Master-
    Created: 02 August 2014 21:55 by Deadwood EGM
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