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Runed Stone Tablet!

  • Runed Stone Tablet!

    Hey guys, as of tonight's restart... It is now possible to make your tablet teleport to the Ancient Land's stone circle (4th island). To continue with the way the Runed Stone Tablet works, you will have to locate Nexus Index's throughout the isle of Stoneheim.

    There is an NPC in Hermit Antonian's house you may speak to before or after, once you have collected all the Nexus's you should see him on completion of the quest.

    You will need Ancient Land access and AR, RD and SH RST access in order to set up AL teleport.

    Note: Locations for the new Nexus' and how many will not be supplied in the release, it will give you guys something to look for and help each other out.
    Created: 28 April 2014 18:49 by Alastor
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