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Researching Players Opinion regardind PVP Drop

  • Researching Players Opinion regardind PVP Drop

    Hi guys.
    I think T4C is the MMORPG with one of the best PVPs of the category, despite of being an old game. A bit of emotion to promote action would be fine.
    I've been thinking of how many people would prefer if there was body drop in the PVP and maybe a bit of xp loss also. Something like 10 or 15% would be nice.  
    I don't know if its possible but if some disagree it could be settled just some times per week, randomized. 
    Post your suggestions and perhaps we could take this to the staff :)
    ty in advance
    Created: 07 October 2015 15:47 by epolimeni
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    Personally i think this is a terrible idea due to random pk's and there are a lot of players within the game that cannot defend themselves whether this is because they don't know how, the pker using moon gems, or just being a complete ass that is a stupid amount of lvl's higher and probably an x4 remort player and the victim just being human... who benefits from that ??? no one does.... just the victim losing all their XP that could have taken them days/weeks to gain because they may not have VIP.... like i said this is a very bad idea in my opinion
    Created: 08 October 2015 13:23 by DarthScooby
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     That's why I left, No risk, No reward. Can't seem to stop looking in on forums however.Getting PK'd can suck, thus increasing the need for guilds or teamwork. Level ranges can be adjusted. Things can happen. There are ways to flag a char no pvp for those who don't want to participate. No pvp players can't rob, and can not turn it on and off as they like. Guidelines could be in place. And a seraph smacking a human the same level. . . well that's why you seraph. On other servers when I died and dropped items, even valuable items, I'd be frustrated. BUT, it would give me a purpose the next few days or weeks to get that item back. And group PVP when someone goes boom, you get a boobie prize!  Missing that shit.
    Created: 09 October 2015 05:29 by DERP
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    Backpack 10% and 5 % equipped no xp los. good formula
    Created: 09 October 2015 13:05 by Eventi
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