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Request for double XP Weekend

  • Request for double XP Weekend

    Ca we have a double XP weekend from Friday-Monday like RealMud? That would be great! 
    Created: 14 September 2013 07:37 by Samneric1
  • RE: Request for double XP Weekend

    I second that!  There hasn't been any special event or anything going on at Saga since I have played here in over 7 months.  We need to keep the players we have now, and a double exp weekend would help pull in new players.

    Created: 14 September 2013 18:09 by misfit8503
  • RE:

    Well heard. Thanks guys! :) Saga GM
    Created: 15 September 2013 07:33 by saga04
  • RE:

    RE: Well heard. Thanks guys! :) Saga GM

    That mean yes, there is? or did you just acknowledge reading the post?

    Off to work in a few minutes but would have been nice to see a post back on Friday or Saturday.  How about a post for the next one before the weekend instead of on the last day/hours.

    Not knocking it, just asking for information to be little more forthcoming in the future.  Could have had a high turn out all weekend instead of just Sunday afternoon/evening.

    Created: 15 September 2013 21:11 by wasted
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