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Repeatable quests

  • Repeatable quests

    I stumbled upon the 5 raiders quest. (kill 5 raiders, get 35k xp). To me, this seems ridiculously easy and not something a server like abomination should have, do you guys agree that a "hardcore" server shouldn't be THAT easy to xp on?
    Created: 22 August 2013 06:16 by cloke89
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    I dont agree with you, there are no xp quests on the third island. So "high level" xp will be the same. Most players dont like the first two islands, everybody wants to get to stoneheim fast to pvp. so in my opinion its completely ok that there are quests on arakas and ravens dust to xp fast.
    Created: 22 August 2013 09:54 by Kiron1
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