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Release Notes 9-10-2015

  • Release Notes 9-10-2015

    Realmud Release Notes
    September 10, 2015
    >Updated Lighthaven Maps
    >Updated look and feel of Evil Eye Island
    >ADD: "Lich Mantle" skin to Mantle of the Indestructible Rocks
    >FIX: NPC Par Salian to require Ring of Faith instead of Ring of the Forrester
    >ADD: Mantle of the Indestructible Rocks to NPC Magus Mutare for folding
    >ADD: Mantle of the Indestructible Rocks to NPC Deatuse Mutare for unfolding
    >FIX: Companion Gem no longer (incorrectly) says the player must be VIP to use
    >FIX: Elven Sight - Now gives the proper bonus 
    >FIX: Magical Armor Pentration now works without Elven Sight
    >FIX: NPC Petow Severino - Now only requires 80 INT and 62 WIS to learn Elven Sight
    >FIX: NPC Argoth Marcatoca - Removed limitation of one Titanium Armor crafting per rebirth
    >FIX: NPC Argoth Marcatoca - A player no longer has to be able to wear Fallen Elven Armor to use it to make Titanium
    >FIX: NPC Michael Kaine - Removed limitation of one Elemental Mantle crafting per rebirth
    >ADD: Whirlpool at Synndor's Lair to send characters back to A Powerful Wizard
    >MOD: Slightly increased all 4th Island monster drops
    >MOD: Slightly increased damage for spell Mass Drain (The spell was useless as it is intended to be a lifesaver for dark mages while leveling.)
    Created: 10 September 2015 11:28 by Shinigami
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