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  • Recent Updates

    As posted on Realmud's social media sites, I'll also post here some of the recent modifications.

    1. Removed mention of the old knowledge base on VIP Key double-click message.
    2. Added new guild house.
    3. Decreased luck on rabbit ears and luck orb, as the luck formula is more effective than first anticipated.
    4. Moved auctioneer from Lighthaven temple to a vacant house near DarkFang, there are now 2 NPCS.
    5. Corrected some NPC typos (please report these to the staff if you see more).
    6. Added extra information to the arena descriptions, including min/max players, points to win and game time.

    I know many will not like the rabbit ear decrease, but things were dropping far easier than they should have. Leaving them as they were would make items pretty much worthless over time. They will still help you receive monster drops quicker than without wearing them, just not as over powered as before.

    (NOTE: please do not comment below, either begin a new thread or email me directly at with questions/concerns/opinions - so we only use this space for announcements. Thanks)
    Created: 26 October 2013 09:57 by Alastor
  • MORE

    1. New stylist NPCs placed in a house outside LH Tavern, these will perform hair color changes and gender/sex changes for you.
    2. New companion master NPC placed in LH stables. He can help you to rename/switch companions.

    These used to be offered on the Realmud store but now will be performed via NPCs. All these NPCs will charge you game gold for their services instead.
    Created: 27 October 2013 18:53 by Alastor
  • Novert

    Novert will now say who killed him upon death, so the group can see via his speech instead of turning off group split gold.
    Created: 07 November 2013 14:56 by Alastor
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