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Realmud 185+ xp situation.

  • Realmud 185+ xp situation.

    Hello everyone, i`m a fellow RM player and i would like to bring to the attention of developer Culigan some facts. Ever since your big `update` 5-6~ months ago the high level player base has seen a radical drop. Some of the `changes` you implemented are nerfs on some spells and weapons (earth spells, botap, sabers) and upgrades, improved AC on some high end armors, and the most important a nerf in xp in the  185+ vip area, with an added resistance increase to the mobs in said area. Now, the reason you `balanced` the 185+ vip area is because, as you said, people were xping too fast. Well i got some news for you, people stopped COMPLETELY playing in 185+ due to that change. It is as empty as my pockets on a friday night, people just stop exping when they finish vip AL. So, dear Culigan / Alastor / whoever is in charge now, i and many other players would like you all to revert the changes on the xp back to how it was before your big update. It has done nothing more than to further keep away high lever players.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, hopefully you`ll revert things back how they were.
    Created: 14 August 2013 06:33 by Crystalx
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    Nah,  I don't think thats the reason at all in my opinion.   Ill be there to xp too!  Just certain times players can log.  Have a good one.
    Replied: 14 August 2013 10:28 by Smetty
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    These past months after the update, during the  EUROPEAN morning / afternoon time there were / are no players in 185+ vip. Rarely did i find group there. The point is,after the patch there was a huge drop of players (185+) . So your argument is invalid.
    Created: 14 August 2013 12:21 by Amaterasu
  • I agree with Crystalx

    All servers are attentive in t4c improves with xp, minus the RM, which instead diminiuo xp, further away from the old players.
    Created: 14 August 2013 14:52 by minha
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    @Amaterasu  Well sorry dude this is a North American Server,  plenty of player on North American Time zones.. live in a different time zone..  Sorry for your trouble.
    Replied: 14 August 2013 16:30 by Smetty
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    Plenty?  I`d have to disagree with you once again, there are not even players during your time. And what is the attitude? YOu tell me to move just because there are no players? Instead of improving the situation for other people that pay just like you do? Disrespectful.  
    Created: 15 August 2013 02:25 by Amaterasu
  • Hello my friends :p

    Vip was dead ever since this famous update, but that's prolly not the only reason. I should talk like an hlvl right now and say that vip is empty cause im out, but that's not true :p I know Fore is actually lvling a new toon, so you will prolly have someone to xp with in not too long, since he's an hardcore xper lol. Anyway, 185+ vip is about to get empty big time soon... considering the vip cost went from 45$ to 100$ to be able to access all servers vip, makes sense? With my laptop still being robbed and having no needs to buy a new one anytime soon, i won't be on RM until a long time, so i won't be xpin at all :p Anyway, i'd never pay 100$ for a year vip, i don't want access to the other servers vip, so by the time i actually get a new laptop and get on RM my actual vip will prolly be depleted, (200+ days left if i remember well, and about 3 months on my warrior acct aswell). Have fun in temple my friend, unless you really
    Created: 15 August 2013 05:57 by Earth Gnome
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    Still no response on this and the VIP Prices post from the higher ups. Nice to see that they care about their communit.
    Created: 16 August 2013 04:33 by Crystalx
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    They are busy making sure Abo3 is running well, and let other server die out...  w/e i can't even log anymore so i'm just reading this and laughing in my head :p All toons are for sale still is someone interested :D
    Created: 18 August 2013 23:06 by Earth Gnome
  • 185+ VIP Situation

    Hey guys, apologies on late response. This topic will be discussed soon at length and I'll get back to you with information when we have weighed it out. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email me or Culigan them.
    Created: 24 August 2013 10:10 by Alastor
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