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RIP EarthGnome Hoax HL

  • RIP EarthGnome Hoax HL

    its been a few years, dont know if HOAX is still around on rm, or how many people would remember EarthGnome. was a good friend of mine and he recently passed away of a brain tumor. Obviously keeping his identity private but he was a great guy, high up in RM for a long time. RIP homie.
    Created: 09 November 2016 22:28 by BigSexy HOAX
  • Earth

    I remember him very well,  lots of memories and XP bragging rights with him.  Good guy!  RIP
    Created: 13 November 2016 17:48 by Smetty
  • Heero

    original earthgnome or fatal who bought the toon? I knew both and either would be a tragic loss. rest in piece friend.
    Created: 17 November 2016 14:35 by Heero
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