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Question VIP Items Fighter

  • Question VIP Items Fighter

    Give it VIP weapons for fighters? I have only found one axe (blessed rusted Hand axe).Magic-user items can i buy with medals, hunter bows i found 8 differrent bows.Is this right or have ich found not all weapons for fighters. Thanks für answers:-).
    Created: 13 July 2014 02:34 by JackBlack
  • Weapons

    Hey, there are a lot of weapons for warriors, archers and all other classes. It would be wise to read them up on, alternatively you can see Realmud only weapons on
    Created: 13 July 2014 08:22 by Alastor
  • Thanks

    It was very helful:-)
    Created: 15 July 2014 22:18 by JackBlack
  • It's nice :-)

    Archers used to be so unbalanced. It's nice to have some more bow's. ;-)
    Created: 30 July 2014 03:31 by Mia Tyes
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