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Question I4

  • Question I4

    Where csn i  find the Npc to teleport to I4. Ich dont remember  because  i had a lang Gameboy break.Thx for help
    Created: 22 November 2016 06:03 by JackBlack
  • i4

    If you already done i4 quest, a npc shirtless in sh temple will teleport you
    Created: 22 November 2016 06:29 by alexzaidan
  • Kifaelius Scroll for Severino Metrofire

    4th Isle Access QuestFirst, go to Kifaelius Venturath in the Hallway before the Oracle. He tells you the story of the Ancient Land and how he can get you there if only he had the six pieces to the Ancient Elemental Armor. To save yourself six trips to him say all six elements while you're there (dark, light, fire, water, earth and air). Now recall to collect the six pieces of armor.

    When Fighting Elemental Bosses, If you die it will take 20 minutes for the boss you fought to respawn because when you die he disappears.

    Water - Calacirya Coldchaiz
    Location: House North of SH RST, she will ask for:

    1 pair of Elven Leather Boots
    2 Gems of Courage
    4 Flasks of Crystal Water
    Collect them and she will teleport you to the island where the elemental, Puliati Wetpace is located. He will drop the Ancient Frozen Dust and once you have that return to her and she will give you the Freeza Boots of Courage.

    Air - Stratus Singlesky
    Location: Top floor of Zhakars, he will ask for:

    1 pair of Gauntlets of Shocking
    2 Diamonds
    4 Rings of Confidence
    Once you have collected those he will teleport you to the island where the elemental, Cacus Airedbrain is. When he has been killed get the Ancient Weightless Bran and head back to Stratus and he will give you the Windwhirl Encrusted Gloves.

    Earth - Reneeth Orrwaith
    Location: Entrance of Worshippers, she will ask for:

    1 Scarab Protector
    2 Scrolls of Earthen Strength
    4 Bracers of Leaves
    Gather them and she will then teleport you to the dungeon where the elemental, Rafignea Rockthrower is located. When he dies he will drop the Ancient Stone Powder and like before you have to return to Reneeth and she will give you the Emerald Petrified Girdle.

    Light - Wilmarin Nahar
    Location: Belegan's Castle, he will ask for:

    1 Blessed Chainmail Armor
    2 Silver Spoons of the Prophet
    4 Grails of Purity
    Give the items to him and he will teleport you to the island where the elemental, Brenianta Brightmind is located. Poof that guy and pickup the Ancient Clear Hazel. Go back to Wilamrin and he will give you the Daylight Angelical Armor.

    Dark - Morwen Meangroth
    Location: Entrance to Fallen's, he will ask for:

    1 Spectral Helm
    2 Rings of Darkness
    4 Spider Venoms (Stoneheim)
    Collect the items and he will teleport you to the elemental, Singloanus Gloomer. Kill him and take the Ancient Shadow Component to Morwen and he will give you the Dark Helmet of the Spiders.

    Fire - Dracos Nargothrond
    Location: Last room Oracle Entrance, he will ask for:

    1 pair of Dragonscale Leggings
    2 Potions of Fury
    4 Red Spellbooks
    Give him the items and you will be teleported to the elemental, Mariathus Tchacafire. Once you return to Dracos and give him the Ancient Fiery Sand he will give you the Flaming Leggings of Hell Fury.

    Kifaelius Scroll
    Now return with the six armor pieces to Kifaelius (they can't be robbed or dropped). He will then give you his scroll. Upon using the scroll, one of three spells will cast.

    Green spell casts: Ancient Land Town.
    Red spell casts: Desert Castle.
    Blue spell casts: The Docks.
    Talk to Severino Metrofire in Stoneheim's temple to go to 4th island, make sure to cast the correct spell color before talking to Severino!
    Created: 15 December 2016 20:11 by Smetty
  •   click Ancient Land..

    Created: 15 December 2016 20:12 by Smetty
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