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Pricing Structure and Ideas

  • Pricing Structure and Ideas

    Hi boys and girls,

    Now I'm not one to say much but I'm throwing this out there because a lot of people have said this. So listen up Marc, Mouse and all sys ops/devs.Though I think this will fall on deaf ears and I'm wasting my bed time.

    Now lets start with your vip pricing structure, it's way to expensive for the game it is. Now I know Marc you are running a business and need to make money but seriously come on. For 1 Year VIP is $100 is way too much for T4c... Considering the world we live in today with the games are coming out and the graphics you go to remember try as you might, this is not WoW or Guild wars. You can't compete with them with graphics. Now I also read that VIP is across all of the servers run by dialsoft but that's like me going to a take-away and ordering 10 hamburgers, I still only got one mouth so I can only enjoy one at a time.

    Now if that $100 was across all my accounts linked to that email across all servers. I would say yeah that's a fair price and would pay that. Though if it isn't then that's $300 for 3 accounts that even though I can duel log still only 1 server at one time.

    Now lets get in to a comparing a couple of games

    Guild wars 2 $68 AUS (no online fee, unless you want extra content)

    WoW $69.97 for all expansions included. (Subscription and paid online content with real $ Value, so you know how much it is actually costing you)
    Also that's 10 chars per server and up to 50 to each account over as many servers as you want.
    Monthly        $14.99
    3 Months    $41.97
    6 Months    $77.94
    Yearly        $154 (77 x 2)

    T4c (free unless want vip and also paid content, in T4c gold so you don't know how much you're payign and lets face you are getting screwed as a consumer and Marc is adding those extra cents in his pocket. Calling it how I see it and I will explain this later on.)
    3 chars max each server (could be wrong) 7 servers so a max of 21 chars. (If my numbers are correct)
    Monthly        $15
    6 Months    $75
    Yearly        $100

    Holy cow Tonks, what are you complaining about (not complaining constructive criticism) T4c is cheaper then wow and you don't have to buy the game plus you don't have to pay for t4c if you don't want... Well lets get to some facts, hands down at the moment Guild wars 2 wins hands down.

    Don't forget there's xbox and playstation where they have lots games they can play online too these days (xbox paid, ps3 free)... You are competing in a very tough market.

    Well now t4c is an old game Marc and you got to play to it's strengths it's a 2D isometric used to be MMORPG now i think it's more a MORPG, compared to the other 2 games that have a bucket load better graphics and a lot more content and it is updated more regularly. I don't mind paying those prices because shit does happen, content is always added, updates and fixes are always happening, bugs get fixed. This hear is an example of an update for T4c "Hey people we got new hair coulours that our dev made it paint this will keep you occupied until the next content patch comes out... still waiting by the way... Ohh hey if you're sick of that colour that cost you 10 bucks or god knows how much you can redye your hair back to normal for free but will cost you if you want to change it back to another colour, but we are working very hard for this new content coming out. excuse, excuse excuse... well since we've had so many devs it's a god damn shambles in here and we can't get any good coders in here, you'll just have to wait but we are working very hard for this content patch comes out. Don't get me wrong I know people have their personal lives and I bet they do work hard but it is sad. Face facts you have got a small community on your hands, you need to listen to them and take things under advisement, like you did with the email debarkel with this new server. I'm not saying make it 100% community input but you do have to listen to us because well face it there ain't as many people on it as there used to be and the way to get this back is listen to people take and modify ideas. People will talk about it and it will spread. Look at minecraft it's got shitty graphics but it's so cheap it went viral (though don't whore yourself out like they did).

    One last thing before I get into the ideas section... Is this T4c gold, looking at that and how it works and the prices of the items. I feel like a rape victim. Now I was thinking yeah I'm a lazy person and i thought yeah the CS extended timer seems like a great idea might have a look at that it costs me 1599 credits. Well the only way to buy credits is with real cash, so lets see if I can buy 1599 credits exact.
    $5    500 Credits
    $15    1500
    $25    2500
    $50    5000
    $100    10000
    So that's $0.01/credit

    So I'm paying $15.99 a little pricey now I've done the conversation but you know what I'm thinking I want it though. Three things come from this, firstly need to state what it is for, if it is for 1 char hell no, I ain't paying for that then. Second is that since I have multiple accounts linked to the one email can I add the gold for all of them on to the one account and pay as it's going to be the same paypal account anyway. Lastly and most important I think is that that I can't buy 1599 worth of credit the cheapest option is $15 + $5 which = 2000 credits. This is where my biggest problem is and where Marc is making easy money on unspent credits. I'm no mathematical genius but 401 credits left over, so that is $4.01. Lets see if there are any items for $4.01. There is two, transfer item and rabbit ears. Well i want to know does luck even work? anyway if you buy rabbit ears as that is the most expensive item left at 399 credits or $3.99, there is still 2 cents left over. Well Tonks you got it there 2 cents left over it's the end of the world you cheap bastard. Though it is still my 2 cents that I can't do crap with as it is in t4c gold. I can't really go to the supermarket and swipe my T4c platinum card to pay for my milk with that 2 cents. Also remember that 2 cents was using the most expensive option. Now even if you keep buying your coloured hair and crap which cost $7.99 all the time and if you're a real fashion guru those cents that Marc has will quickly add up.

    Now I think that's all I got to say about the pricing and now for some ideas, which hey you can use or tweak.

    Marc and co you got to remember the biggest thing people play t4c is because of the community and the like to come here. The story line is almost the same on every server and it is very repetitive level, seraph, level seraph. Damn it I can run the good quest line to oracle almost with my eyes shut. I bet there are people that could do both good/evil with no help.

    Idea #1
    Since I mainly play on one server that is where I will spend most of my time and since I spend most of my time there guess what, that's where my main char will be why do I want to switch server and start all over again. Now mind you depending on the mood I'm in and now that all the servers are linked I might want to dabble in another server to see what they go or indulge in some activity or event they are running as my server either has no one on it currently or no event. Now I just done the main quest line on RM on my main 4x and now if I go to havoc or who ever I'm going to have to do it again. My suggestion is why not offer a reward. Hey you reached the max remort on your home server you get 1 free max remorted char on a server of your choosing. (note i said 1 free char on one server not on each).

    Idea #2
    Don't update the graphics or the UI to look like more modern games you're going to piss people off, what you do need though is regular updates for bugs and CONTENT, actual meaningful content not new hair/robe/cape colours. IE: I've already done oracle quest god knows how many times, give me something else to sink my teeth into. Have a reason for the boss eg: novy (cool drops some cool stuff people need, need to kill him to get the flag for armor quest, though why is he a bad ass, why do I want to go kill him. Also if I want to level outside AL I need to go to AL 185+ VIP, why not some new areas?

    Idea #3
    Reduce the price or make it something like for a year $75 and you can choose 3 accounts that is currently linked to that email address.

    Idea #4
    Get rid of T4c gold it's a rip off, there is also much better e-commerce sites you can use for you're shop.

    Well that's all I got for now I'll add more ideas later that you can use, i encourage people to post constructive ideas and if they want to bash me go ahead but I wont answer. I will be saving this too and posting on the new site, bible and when I get the chance email to Marc and who ever else.

    Created: 02 September 2013 09:22 by Tonka1
  • You're partially right

    I agree with you on the VIP side of your argument. A subscription fee that high on this old of a game seems quite steep. That is my opinion though. The VIP stuff only applies to certain servers for certain features. And if people want to pay for that, and it works for all parties involved there isn't much to say on the matter.

    Your arguments on the micro transactions on a per server basis are silly though. Almost all game with micro transaction systems use it. For example that hair dye thing you were talking about. 799 t4cg for an item when you cannot buy that amount worth of t4cg. You set the amount of currency the players can buy, then you set some mismatched amount like 799, and other amounts that will likely never add up to an even amount based on what you can buy. That way the next time you wish to buy an item from shop, you're always just a little shy. Then tada you spend another 5-20 dollars getting your balance high enough to buy the item. It is a smart system for game which use heavy micro transactions as a pay model for their game.

    That's my two cents on their current business model.  Can't satisfy everyone. I have plenty to say about web shop on server I am on but I doubt it would do anything to say much on it. Hard enough to get a response as is... Am I right? hehe.

    Created: 03 September 2013 09:26 by ReaperEoC
  • Pricing Structure and Ideas

    Actually I might not reply to each and every post but I do read them. Keep up the constructive comments and we will read. And some things are being adjusted already. 
    Created: 06 September 2013 10:21 by mouse
  • I agree, little pricey.

        Don't get me wrong, I love this game . It has been there for me (for the most part) to escape the real world and hang out with friends when I was broke as hell years back on Tarls server. I don't mind putting money back in but if the price drops to $75 or less , me and my  ol lady would be a lot more likely to try and keep All 4 of our accounts paid up and not have to choose which to let go. After bills and groceries and gas, we are hella lucky if we have $100 left over monthly to spend frivolously, especially on a game. I know that's my problem and all but I really don't wanna miss out on the vip areas and end up being one of those poor soulless bastids standing there afk on beggars corner. (not calling Any names)
    Created: 08 September 2013 04:12 by Juggalo
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