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  • Patch notes

    So, where is the post with all changes that servers are currently undergoing? DOn`t we have one, like all MMORPGs games, are we special? I logged on RM today after a few days only to find out that bunny ears now only give +50 luck, instead of 70. Care to explain this change? As much as i love this game, i cannot stop myself from saying how bad the management of the server is, you keep changing things without consulting your player base. No wonder the game is dead. Congratulations, if killing the game is your goal, you`re doing it the right way.
    I would like a refund on bunny ears, i paid for 70 luck, not 50.

    Also, i made a post more than 1 month ago asking for help regarding some RM-related weapons, and i still have got no answer. If you guys don`t care about the game, just leave and let someone more interested take your place. It might be good for the whole game.


    Created: 26 October 2013 03:53 by Amaterasu

    Hey Amaterasu, as soon as the content side of is added we can have an area for a change log, where we can post any additions, modifications and work undergoing. The changes to rabbit ears and some others was posted on all the social media sites for Realmud. I just posted them on the forums here at: recent updates. The luck on rabbit ears and luck orb was lowered as the luck formula is a lot more effective than ever first anticipated, as it was only recently brought back in to the game (since 1.72). Over time items will be pretty much worthless value-wise if you hunt with a lot of boosted luck, so that is why they were lowered. Items will still drop better if you wear the ears than if not, just not so well as before. I'm very sorry you feel this way about it, I knew some would not like the change but it is for the best.
    Created: 26 October 2013 10:09 by Alastor
  • weapons

    For the weapons post, with all the recent changes of T4C at the data center we were without the editing tools. As soon as we can we will research the things mentioned and get back to you. We've not forgotten about it so don't worry.
    Created: 26 October 2013 10:20 by Alastor
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