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Patch 5/25/15

  • Patch 5/25/15

    5/25/15 Pirate’s hide out was added live Water snake Maze is added along with the anaconda Queen. Father Jelly fingers is added /w quest 5 Slot Machines was added to the metropolis. Final testing of Arioch is being done 4/29/15 Launched Ship wrecked sorrow Pirate’s hideout (Being tested) Arioch the final boss (Being Tested)   4/24/15 Launched Island of Ship wrecked sorrow             This island can be found off the cost of Efields.             Suggested level to get there 120.             This island will be expanded as we move forward. Have updated the temple area in Ravens dust. Updated Metropolis to include new housing for various npc’s. Finalized some event areas. In progress Balancing of  “Desolate Plains and Rin Desert”             Working to make these areas more viable as a leveling area. “The Legend of Arioch Quest” Testing of “Deaths Veil”   A low level aoe spell  for dark mages.  Added in new area for “The mad scientist’s lair” Added in new area for the “anaconda Queen” Looking at speed and damage of some of the higher level spells. Working on more karma based quests. Fixed Rebalanced “shock wave” in order to make it a more viable spell. Blocking and map issues with new areas. Reduced spawn time on Cerberus.  ==================================================================== 2/24/15 Launched A new set of wings npcs were added to Metroplis. You purchase a wings token from the shop and trade it in for a boosted set of wings. New wedding Island. Cost 5 Million Gold pieces. See a GM to set a schedule. NPC Fame counter added to 4th island. This npc will let you know the total of your fame points. In Progress, Reroll helper, This will automate the reroll process. New crypt area added in for testing Continued new map updates and testing of new leveling areas. Expansions to the Vip areas. Fixed Spell Devour Life learned in Iceland is once again able to be learned. Some minor blocking issues in Lighthaven have been addressed. =================================================================== 1/13/2015 Launched  Added in new area’s to metropolis.   12/2014 Launched Vip areas have been moved from testing phase. Your now required to purchase vip time from in order to access the new areas.   In Progress Various new maps have been added to the landscape. We are currently working to populate the areas. This will include new leveling areas for those between level 120 thru 140 plus. Wings npc’s to purchase new boosted wings.     Fixed Adjusted some images around the world of althea. Adjusted mountains and other landscape in Rin Dessert and Iceland.


    Created: 26 May 2015 11:07 by trilogy22
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