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    I think the duel NPC good concept but I like PVP better than anything but i see why we keep losing high level players now, We log on for the pvp battles outside SH temple, now theres hardly any... ok well like none and it prolly has something to do with everybody and thier borther has an unlimited ring of the forester. I like the healing potion duels now, didnt at first but its the way things are here but when you have 1 guy spending millions to enjoy pvp and this other donkey that dnt spend nothin and doesnt lose a battle cuz of thier cheat ring, Sorry but RM going downhill, dnt get me started on the impossibility to level on 4i, Anyways, been fun RM!
    Created: 04 May 2014 11:27 by Uradrix
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    Since 1.50 and VIP areas, Venus HGM scandle, and when ReOrX left this was the decline of the server, nothing you can do about it. It's a fact.
    The PVP duel NPC has been brought back for a reason, but Im don't pvp even with my high toons... nothing really is constant.. 1 month TB can be over powered, the next month Healing wave is over powered.
    As for trying to xp on 4th isle, they got ride of this so you would have to pay for vip time and go to those areas for xp.  Only way to lvl now is to pay.  unless you want to stay as lvl 100 even that is a grind to to without vip.  
    I always see people complaining about RM decline... it's been dead since 2008....  From 100 players online to average ot 18, 
    Its just a nostalgic game we all enjoy....
    Created: 06 May 2014 12:04 by Smetty
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