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Offline mule RM

  • Offline mule RM

    Hello All,
    First of all, the website looks great!!! Team did a great job.
    Now we have been told that our offline mule will be transffered to our chest, when is this gonna happen?cause i really need some stuff from it.Dunno who gonna transfer our items but maybe you could let players email you on wich char they want there offline mule items on :)Also there was some add-on stuff like quest and items on, are we getting that information aswell on this website ? 
    Created: 14 August 2013 06:49 by Karapola88
  • ...

    I just read on t4cbible that mouse is working on this and a couple of other things too!  I wouldn't worry about this, we're in good hands here.   Just takes a little time.  Cheers.
    Replied: 14 August 2013 10:29 by Smetty
  • DownFall

    Ahh thats good new, i trust the sttaff :)Ty for the info smetty.
    Created: 14 August 2013 14:05 by Karapola88
  • Offline Mule

    Hey Karapola88, they're still working on the necessary tools to move items over, as soon as they're done and it's ready it will be announced :).
    Created: 24 August 2013 10:06 by Alastor
  • an update on this please

    is there an updates, I had ALOT of quest items on my offline mule.
    Created: 31 August 2013 22:09 by Load
  • what is going on with off line mule

    What is the currently status of moving off line mules to chest. I had over 600 mill gold in there as well as huge amount of rare and high end items. Can I expect to get this back or not ..... if not ..... accounts for sale !!!!
    Created: 08 September 2013 12:32 by sugar
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