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Noob on Realmud XP

  • Noob on Realmud XP

    Hello t4c ! I just wanted to give my opinions and experience of coming back to realmud after so many years gone .First i love the new look and the players on realmud very helpful, 70% of time i was on there was a GM. the GM ticket is a great addition.Problems i ran across:i noticed multiple new quests in ar and did them all finding some errors/bugs i thought should be listed:vial of pus NPC doesnt take your pus instead gives you 3 more for completing quest. some of the NPCs do not have a reward word shown this can confuse players that never played and dont know typical key words to try.One NPC says to say return to him once done yet the keyword isnt return it is reward.

    My biggest complaint is Events and details and server specifics:
    Human event : is GM items allowed ? RD items ? Mad house items ? I keep getting told yes and no on all of these and 2 days before event still no real rules. Also allowing RD and GM items basiclly means the event is rigged towards vet players as no build can beat a good GM item build period do the math...Allowing rd items and only 1 week notice means again noobs have a much smaller chance at winning as they more than likely have no alt toons to farm rd.Bible is down ,chichiri site down and after 2 years still no site dedicated to server specifics ,but your hosting a tournament...
    while zionsofchaos was a HUGE help it doesnt list everything and if players can put sites together so nice why the hell cant staff after so many years..
    t4c is looking great but will never shine until you get the stupid stuff done first and since there is only 2 servers left why is ViP so damn expensive .
    Dedicate someone to writing info for the site this has gone on long enough get tougher on your staff Mouse :D
    Created: 30 July 2014 02:11 by Peekay
  • Hello There

    First off, welcome back! The new quests that had those issues are now fixed (pending a server reset). Thanks for the report on those.

    Check the post on news and you'll see an updated area at the bottom pertaining the rules and equipment allowed on the human PVP event.

    The cost of VIP and the reasoning behind it is Mouse & Marc only, they determine the pricing now and not the HGMs like on the old sites.

    On the matter of server specifics, we had a full knowledge base on the old and since launched (about 8 months ago) it has taken time to add content to the site, the quest info was added a couple weeks ago. There were issues with adding content I believe at first, and despite my asking, I'm not the one dedicated to adding content to the game guide section. More will get added soon I'm told.

    2 player-made sites are and
    If these sites are missing any details, contact them and they will definitely add it in.
    Created: 30 July 2014 09:40 by Alastor
  • Hiya!

    I'm Chiron Curantis HL, the Founder of the Zions of Chaos. I'm glad that my guild's website ( has been helpful to you. To my knowledge, we have everything as far as Realmud Specifics and an archived version of the old T4CBible.Some of the things are organized kinda weirdly, so when in doubt, use the "Search" feature at the top of any page. If something is indeed missing, you can post on our Guild Forums and let me know and I will add it!Also, if you have a better/more in-depth walkthrough or anything else you'd like to see added to our site as far as content, please post on our forums and I will add it and give you credit on the page :) is not meant as just a resource for my guild, it is a community resource for the whole Realmud family!~Chiron
    Created: 30 July 2014 10:45 by chironnightwolf
  • HIYA Also!

    Hello I'm BroSmetty HL from TC!   If you need to know anything specific about realmud quests  check out Zions of Chaos as mentioned and my site as well.   Thanks for taking the time and stopping by.  If you need any help page me in game and I'll try my best!
    -Yours Faithfully
    Created: 31 July 2014 15:21 by Smetty
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