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Noob Guide

  • Noob Guide

    Hi everyone,

    I started playing a few days ago (on RM), i was looking for a guide for Human warriors, especially lvl 25-70. Can someone help me? i haven't found anything on internet

    Created: 08 February 2016 17:44 by Gatt
  • Human Warrior

    Hey Gatt!

    So Human Warriors are probably the toughest but most rewarding mortal class. Your sole goal is to stay alive. This means you need to prioritize Armour (endurance), over Weapons (strength). When you do focus strength it is only until you get the next best DAGGER. You want to prioritize daggers because they are faster than other weapons, until you can get a good melee brute force weapon.

    So what you should do is get Armlet of Flames, then work your way up to Scale armour. Someone on SH will need to purchase this for you. After you get scale armour focus on your strength and level up at TLake or TField (tarantulas). You should be able to survive most melee based monsters with Scale armour. After you get a good dagger (polished dagger +2 or +3) get Platemail armor. Then upgrade to Fine Steel Dagger +2 or +3. After that you should be able to survive anymore with some potions!
    Created: 16 February 2016 12:46 by thebest
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