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New version?

  • New version?

    Is anyone from dialsoft actively working in a new t4c version? like 1.73+

    Anyone though of making a kickstarter campaign for an updated t4c?
    Created: 11 July 2014 04:59 by blasphemus
  • Seriously?

    I know Dialsoft is a multi-million company... but do you really expect T4C to be anywhere as important as anything else? That game dosen't do any money whatsoever... Enjoy what you can do, or move on. That's what i did, and with a game like FF14 that you have multiple classes/jobs and you can actually level up everything on 1 toon. So T4C is 100$/year. FF14 140$/year or so... Sorry T4C but you ain't worth it in any more. I've enjoyed all the years i've played T4C, but nowaday there is a damn lots of MMo's that are really worth playing (some free or pay/play). T4C needs to get a 3D update or it's not going anywhere! 
    Created: 19 September 2014 07:27 by Earth Gnome
  • ...

    I don't think so.
    I was coming back in this game after 16 years and I've loved from the start the big difference between this old school game and all other clones of today:
    This is a real RPG ( like UO some years ago)... you get quests and missions by speaking not clicking on some irrealistic question point on some NPC...
    You can do and act as you want with all PC and NPC... not like other games where you need to do the same dungeon again and again just to take the last stronger object...

    This game could be again a great game for REAL RPG players, not for crying-superhero-children of the other games of today...
    Created: 27 July 2017 04:59 by lucablue
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