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New skill... Immobilization! NO!!

  • New skill... Immobilization! NO!!

    <#>Immobilization: You temporarily block the movement of your enemy. This skill can be trained to 100.
    <>>>This skill works on other Player Characters and on Monsters.
    <>>>Warriors and Archers no longer need to waste points in INT and WIS to purchase Entangle. This skill is all you need to stop your target in his tracks!
    Dear, my point of view ... This new skill is totally unnecessary. The entangle (magic works perfectly for all classes). Do not touch what is perfect ... ;)
    Created: 28 January 2019 07:48 by minha13
  • ...

    putting this skill will make it much easier for archers and warriors. The good player knows to use entangle + hit + run, this leaves the pvp more dynamic. Putting the new skill will be very bad, will run out of pvp dynamics.
    Created: 28 January 2019 10:02 by minha13
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