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New Video Lag Issue Fix - Laptops

  • New Video Lag Issue Fix - Laptops

    Hey Guys, I have noticed huge lag issues with t4c on my laptop vs my Custom PC so I tried a few different reccomended ways to fix this... Disable Audio, Run in Compatibility Mode, Disable Login Music, Uncheck 32fps, run in smaller resolution and none of these seemed to fix the problem on my laptops so I figured out a great new fix and now they are running fast and smooth. 
    I installed T4C to a small 2GB SD card that all of my computers have a slot for.  I can plug and play in any PC and the game runs incredible through the card. No lag, no stuttering, full audio. Good luck hope this helps!

    Created: 01 December 2016 10:00 by PhaetonSiX
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    Also forgot to mention, you can take your full profile, macros, map clear to any computer this way. so no more having to redo all of your skills/spells when playing at work! lol
    Replied: 01 December 2016 10:03 by PhaetonSiX
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