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New Player help choosing server

  • New Player help choosing server

    Hey guys
    After like 10 years or so, I felt the urge to return to the game, being it was my first online game. Back then I started to play at Level (Portuguese server) and when the server died they merged with realmud where we had much fun.
    Now, my question is, wich server is the best to start a new toon, I mean where there are ppl, first impression I got is that Neerya is the place to be, then I found out its french server, though I understand little to nothing of french I prefer being in a place where I cant understand ppl but where there is ppl (hate empty servers)
    Then found out, adomination is brand new, and will be full of blood hunting guys, as it looks as a pvp server, but the penalties are evil for a new player.
    So, question is, where do you advise to create a new toon, im guessing im staying in Neerya, but someone might have a better idea as I dont know nothing about the servers, except what I see on webpage
    My nick was Lemur back then, donno if there is a old school here that remembers.
    Created: 01 October 2013 02:15 by Lemur
  • ..

    realmud is the best,french smell
    Created: 01 October 2013 15:15 by Amaterasu
  • Abomination

    I would say Abomination has the most players of English servers, followed by RealMud. Neerya has a very large number of players but is in French. 
    Abomination is a Hardcore PvP server with many different languages and players on it. 
    Created: 06 October 2013 21:30 by Abomination
  • ...

    Go for realmud :) I'm the real Gnome, Gnome chooses Realmud lmao :P
    Created: 07 November 2013 03:31 by Earth Gnome

    Hello, I am replying in 2015 to an old message. I am Adria Orici from RM.I am glad to see someone using the words ( OLD SCHOOL ). LOVE IT!I am for one OLD SCHOOL and I've seen my share of dying servers. If you are stillhere, drop me a line in RM, I'm a returning veteran and finding old problems that seemsto be apart of the new times. I hope you made it. Drop me a line.
    Created: 27 April 2015 11:30 by vwinterborn1
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