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New Patch 12/06/2013

  • New Patch 12/06/2013

    Hello! everyone this is Wolverine i have  been going through findingall the broken npc's. Here are all the items added and fixed. 
    put a protection dispel hook on lh jude protection.fixed cape of loathsomeness which had total neg numbersadded cape of anubus added npc ms erickaadded bracers of the goddess (redone)added bracers of the storm to the goddess (redone)Fixed all the un named monsters on 4iadded dracons to ar north of trolladded elite dracons to rd out side of mtn of desertadded escaped wasp sh east of beltigansfixed saga robe of blessings (it had bugs)fixed the quest that needed wild pigs on rd (added wild pigs)put in quest to exchange robe of pink wizard  to red (npc rufus)took out starlynn npc (broken npc)took out ezebelle npc (broken npc) fixed 33 bugs.
    I have a large set of notes of other items which are being fixed atmand i have more fixed items that are coming in the next day or so.I have many plans for diffrent things to do and create some nice lvlingspots. So come and check what has been added so far. I do know and understand there are lots more items and things that need fixed and more contenti am working on new content items which will be launched in the near future.
    Created: 07 December 2013 13:14 by Wolverine HGM DEV
  • Good Job!

    Well done sir! Keep going,we will help!
    Created: 08 December 2013 12:05 by gunblade
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