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New Champion Crowned

  • New Champion Crowned

    Alright guys,to make it more badass,before you start reading the following text,open up the link and listen to the touching song =)

    After 13 long months, from 0x level 1, I finally managed to get on top #1 spot on Saga at 3x level 187! Yeah I’m a nerd with no life but like I give a shit right? =) I would like to thank the following people who helped me through all this time:

    4th Saga indigenous players. Thank you for being here from the point I started, teaching me a lot of things and hints and helping me with quest items and gear and having fun talks in the mains:

    Castle, Rock, Fear, Aleandra, Rhama, Executioner, Cix el Syd, Sevren, KillerBabe, Great de Venis, Cinnamon, Bum, Steeleyes, Monkey, E-FIVE SR, Earth-Mage, Morte, Navorth.

    4th Saga retired players. I know you are still around and hope one day you will log back. Thanks for all good memories guys! Looking forward to meet you all again:

    Ego, Schism, Bless, Flash, Sere, Wild, Fruitdealer, Kassy, Kebur, MrNakata.

    EA, Trilogy, Havoc players. Thank you guys for being on Saga, I still feel sorry that Trilogy closed but I am glad you found your new home here. Couldn’t even imagine how great are EA old players, It’s always awesome to talk to you and learn from you! Our Havoc brothers and sisters I am happy your server is getting from knees, you are great, thank you:

    Illuminati, Marah, Feather, Kromwel, Elrik Kinslayer, Hi1tinsldr, Autumn, Delphii, Toxy, -Jewels-.

    Special thanks to the following people who’s been with me for the most of time helping with endless stuff and grinding with me like crazy:

    Xtricom. Even though we’ve met at level 127, but from that point you became my best friend. The amount of help you provided is priceless and I have endless appreciation for all you did. You are great bro! Thank you!

    GoodnessLegend. I think the most peaceful person I’ve ever met. Always kind and helpful. I know that even though you spend your time with family, you are still around. Always enjoyed talking with you. And not to forget our epic raids on Undead Cerberus and Abominable Yeti hehe. These bastards will drop us some Saga weapons, I can feel it! =) Thank you!

    Ironhands. Dude I know we had some issues in the past but I’m glad we got along and for the past month you helped me a ton to achieve that goal. Thank you very much, you are awesome!

    Saga Staff. Thank you both for your endless work, blood, sweat and effort you put to keep Saga stable and working on improving it. Great work, bless your hearts:

    Wolverine Head Game Master / Developer, Mouse T4C Operations Director.

    Now It’s time to rest a little bit and then vroom into 4x like a boss! If I forgot someone, please forgive me, bad memory sometimes hehe =)

    Thank you all guys I love you! =)
    Mr Gunblade.

    Created: 14 February 2014 04:58 by gunblade

    Well done Gun knew you could do it Bro!!!! GRATZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Created: 14 February 2014 05:24 by ozzmosis
  • Top!!!!!!

    Congratulations Gunblade!!! 
    I'm glad you finally did it!!!! Took several... I mean.... Decades at Wolves :)-
    Savage GM
    Created: 14 February 2014 06:15 by saga04
  • Like a Dog....

    Want a Cookie?
    Created: 16 February 2014 07:33 by Hi1tinsldr
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