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Necromancer update

  • Necromancer update

    Hello everyone... It's Psyche Here to get feedback on the newest update.  let me know what you think...good or bad. Please remember this is for discussion not to be disrespectful. ready?
    Created: 05 May 2019 23:34 by Psyche DGM
  • nice

    Hi begin i want to thank realmud staff for the job, it was the biggest update we had in realmud in years and it makes me happy to see that staff are working hard and making cool things:)
    i played for a few minutes and this is what i think so far:
    - its impossible to low level to survive, and its hard to high levels.
    - the island is too big, the tp points make things easy and its a great idea, maybe we can have more.
    -we should have a map and hints of the quests that are available with the npcs (whats the rewards? it worth the efforts?)
    -theres alot of poison and traps from mobs and from the map, it makes me mad, almost every moster cast a poison, takes all my spells etc,.... this is fun in the begin but make me tired fast.
    - nice new mosters ans bosses, new challenges keep the game alive, its cool to hunt for new things
    thats all for now..thanks all the staff members again.
    Created: 06 May 2019 10:22 by fritopoulos
  • Necromancer Feedback

    Hello! First off I would like to thank everyone who took part in the development of the new Island! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to create as well as on what I believe is mostly volunteered time because of the love you each have for the game!

    I started playing T4C way back in 99-00 and have continued to play on and off until now. Every time I return it’s for the nostalgia and to enjoy the game that was a huge part of my life growing up playing with friends and still continuing to play with those same friends.  Below I will highlight some things I feel the development team got right with the new island as well as things in my opinion could be improved or re-evaluated.

    Pros –

    Environment- I absolutely love the new terrain, caves, transition of zones, ambient features and backgrounds (Boats, Windmills, etc). I think the waypoint system is a great feature considering how big the new island is and it saves time from doing the same walk over and over.

    Monsters- I love the look of all the new monsters and repurposing some of the skins and skin colors to give it a fresh new feel.

    Drops- I love the idea that old world drops could potentially be obtained on the new island


    Monsters- After the first few sets of monsters the difficulty level seems to jump to an unfair amount of damage taken from the monsters and how long they take to kill based on the monsters health and how little damage is done to them.

    -          Demons and Dragons – What is that heal? If it’s a mechanic that can be explained please do. When it takes 4 lvl 200 plus characters to attempt to push through the auto heal that seems excessive.

    -          We were told there would be places in the real world to level. For the amount of time it takes to kill and little experience returned not to mention how hard the enemies hit it seems we are still forced into vip to level (that dungeon gets very old I want out!)

    -          Drop rates seem very low on the new monsters, I CANT imagine farming dusts for quests at this point because of how they don’t seem to drop or how hard enemies hit and have such massive xp pools

    -          Monsters need to give more xp if they are going to be this hard.

    -          Special monsters- I think we should have a few “special” monsters in each area like a “Blarg toemangler” etc  like a named boss whos a bit harder but rewards items and more xp.

    The Island – I feel is going to push people to stop playing. Think of how the “old” 4th island was on release no one played it and it had to be tweaked. This is the same issue that’s going to happen. Please don’t lose the player base you have fought to bring back.

    Drops- The monsters need to drop more or be easier no point in staying on the new island to go find where the drops will be because its too difficult to kill as well as explore.

    Players- My seraph heals seems to never go off anymore nor the aoe shoot out aura. Please explore if this is broken.  

    Grouping- I love to group with people, but the reality us sometimes there aren’t people on to play with or group, we shouldn’t be forced to have a group to enjoy content. (bosses should be groups)

    World Dragons- Once spawned they should stay out until a group finds it and kills it (maybe that is the case)

    Mechanics – Please change how often you can be dispelled. As a mage when the enemies already hit hard and being constantly dispelled it is very disheartening.

    -Please explain some of them and how to bypass them or lower the frequency . Not on bosses that ruins the fun of figuring them out.


    GM Feedback- Please inform the player base of what your thoughts are after hearing us. And what you plan to do to keep the player base enjoying the game. 

    Created: 06 May 2019 10:55 by Corpsemourn
  • This should be the 5th isle

    Thank you for doing this and hard work that went into creating this but... In my opinion this should be another isle.   Faerie isle... does anyone go there?
    Im adverse to this new Ancient Land as the map is too huge.  Way to huge and the monsters are insanely over powered and can out heal..   you can only group 8 players and I think you will need way way more.
    Secondly, Some of us triple log since the player base is not here anymore.  I know we are keeping this alive but damn...  this goes against that and should made for 200 players plus.
    I think you should bring back everything.. restore AL as it was and then make this update  a 5th isle.
    Props to the TP shrines....
    peace out.
    Created: 06 May 2019 11:17 by Smetty
  • Feedback

    Well, I came here to post essentially exactly what Corpsemourn posted. He did a great job of succinctly illustrating my points.
    The island itself is very interesting and well crafted. I like the idea of actual mechanics being involved with the monsters, and the enemy and environmental diversity is awesome. I am not so concerned that the enemies are difficult to kill; that's part of the challenge, but currently there are very few rewards for combat.
    I have been out on multiple excursions with parties between 3 and 5 people, and we have yet to find an area that provides even a minimal amount of experience. In addition, the enemies hit much harder and take far longer to kill than ever before. We were promised that the rewards would be commensurate with the increase in difficult, but that has not been the case. On top of that, the drop rates seem minuscule. I am trying to collect dusts for my fresh 120 character, but the drop rates are so low even for basic items that I cannot even tell when I am killing the correct enemies. I have taken the time to test drops in several locations around the island, and generally I get zero item drops even after killing dozens of enemies.
    That being said, I am excited for the potential of the island. If the experience and drop problems are solved in a timely manner I think Realmud will have provided one of the best T4C experiences in a decade.
    Created: 06 May 2019 15:07 by tonemanc
  • Only nerd more XP...

    Congratulations on the new island !!!!
    The island looks great.The only thing we need is to have seats making 11b xp / hour, along with Boss (good xp and drops). What's the use of having a new island and not making a good xp?!?!?
    Note: "Dispel" is not working with some of the monsters' spells.
    Created: 06 May 2019 15:42 by minha13
  • Cerberus....

    Easyyyy bummmmm :p
    Created: 06 May 2019 15:49 by minha13
  • Cerberus....

    Easyyyy bummmmm :p
    Created: 06 May 2019 15:49 by minha13
  • Looks good, plays bad

    PROS: The island and mobs look great. The zones are interesting and distinct and much more immersive than anything we've seen so far in T4C. The island feels huge but I think the overwhelming feeling is appropriate for end-game content and the shrine system mitigates a lot of the labor. These are good things and you guys did an excellent job with the look and feel. 
    CONS: Short answer: The mobs are way too difficult. I feel like I do no damage and I'm vulnerable to everything. I have not yet seen a return on the effort it takes to kill mobs.
    For perspective, i'm using a lvl 139 air mage. I average about 250-270AC by substituting a mantle with acp, a gothic shield (180end) instead of a power focus, runed malachite diadem instead of mystic headband, and bracers of the magi. Even with all of these defensive items, I still take overwhelming damage from all mobs except the very weakest. I also use resistance potions and find it basically impossible to fight any mob 2v1. But if I grind the weakest, my xp bar literally doesn't move so I'm really not sure how to spend my time.

    As an experiment I tested my mage against a more difficult mob: 1 Snow Orc. With ~250 AC, using the Inferno spell (because air spells are even less dps), it took about 70 spellcasts (1300 mana) and ~17 critical heal pots in addition to healing and the seraph aura to kill it and survive. For this, my xp bar moved 1% and it dropped 1.1k gold. It took about 2.5 minutes to kill 1 Snow Orc, which I had to kite away from the rest of the group.

    Created: 06 May 2019 17:00 by hotpajamas
  • xoxo

    Mob - Strong but not much XP :) , but i jump over 25 lvls on a melee char within 1 day 150s - 170s++dual log of cos.. - cant solo the mob - 
    4i drop rate - :( over 500 + kills - drop 1 hero ammy... 

    Not all bad maybe just gotta wait for Part 3 Armor and Spells update. 
    Did the Grannus Quest - went to heaven and kill some Ectoplasma - Cash shop rewards :( for dye is bad. hope can make it 
    Created: 06 May 2019 19:03 by micron
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