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My last message was unclear...

  • My last message was unclear...

    My last message was unclear. I don't know what happens but I can delete it. Here I come again. I'm a Windows 10 user that uses compatibility for Windows 7 for the game. When I update the game, after introducing my ID and password, it gets stuck on the "please wait while loading" screen. I tried to disable AVG antivirus but still the same. I tried to set the game on compatibility mode for Windows 8 and still the same. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    Created: 23 August 2015 19:01 by Erendiar
  • My last message was unclear...

    Good evening,
    With windows 10 I would suggest you make sure all of your drivers and such are fully updated. There appears to be a lot of issues with drivers and windows 10, This seems to always be the case when new operating systems come out it takes time for computer hardware company's to get fully compatible drivers for all of the hardware.  Try switching between full screen and windowed mode also, for some people this has helped. IF you continue to have issues please fill out a problem report at and we will try to assist you further.
    Created: 26 August 2015 23:34 by mouse
  • Thanks a lot

    Thanks! All drivers were updated, but that was not the solution. Windowed mode worked :)
    Created: 26 August 2015 23:45 by Erendiar
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