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Missing armorcrafting recipes

  • Missing armorcrafting recipes

     There are no level 225 recipes for armorcrafting.  I'm assuming that since Adamantite is at 215, Ancient "should" be at 225, but it's not.  Error, or is it some crazy rare drop off a mob?  Also, rumor is that droppable recipes are coded to only drop for someone that is a master of that trade.  This presents an issue, as without having a comprehensive list of what drops where, it's impossible to guess right and get the right trades on the right characters (example, Armorcrafting is on Arthur, who is dark/water, but if Ancient recipe were to drop off say P'Tangh, he would be the last character to take up there). 
    Created: 24 August 2013 23:06 by cixelsyd
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