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Mini Events - Feedback please :)

  • Mini Events - Feedback please :)

    Hello Everyone!


    So I'd like to plan some mini pvp events, but firstly I need to work out when the best times would be for the majority of you all the join in the fun. I'm hoping they will be regular, and I'll slightly change them up each time too, so that they remain interesting.


    So.. for my future scheduled mini events, how does Saturdays at either 4pm est or 8pm est work for most players?


    Please let me know you thoughts/suggestions, as it would be fun to get these up and running as soon as possible, and this way I can post details here on the forum, so that you know in advance.



    Sapphire RMG


    You can email me at too if you have any other event ideas that you would like to put forward :) 


    Created: 31 March 2014 21:49 by Snowflake
  • event

    Sapph! I am looking forward to your events, as all of them you have held has been great. I have several ideas for the pvp event and also pvm events. As for the time best for me, would prolly be the 8 pm, as I work during the day till 5. Not trying to make these events about me just leaving some feedback. Anyways thx for everything
    Created: 01 April 2014 15:05 by Uradrix
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