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Lost all

  • Lost all

    Peoplehelp me, my status vip is off and in my old account realmud i was 500 days vip....i Lost 9000t4c gold how restore that???? And offline mule where is...... help me please
    Created: 19 August 2013 23:40 by Maledetto
  • bla

    the gms are working on the vip time and t4c gold, both should be restored to your account at some point in the near future.
    the offline mule however will apparently not come back, the items that were stored on your offline mule however should be transferred to your chest at some point in time.
    i cant really say when that will be exactly, gm's didnt tell exact dates yet as far as i know.
    Created: 20 August 2013 11:17 by Kredvar
  • Thanks for answer:)

    Thanks Bla
    Created: 20 August 2013 11:28 by Maledetto
  • Hello Maledetto

    Sorry for the delay in response, Kredvar is correct.  You will be restored all credits & VIP time! + the downtime we've experienced since moving the servers over. We apologize for this issue, and look to have a resolution once we resolve the networking issues affecting all realms.
    Created: 21 August 2013 17:08 by admin
  • God Speed

    Sounds like a plan.  I wish you guys a speedy resolution to all of this and to our offline mules.
    Created: 22 August 2013 08:37 by Smetty
  • Thans for reply At your's Attention Admin

    Thanks for the replies .. I am happy that you are worrying about this panic :)I just wanted to ask what you think at least to recover the data of the items dell'offline mule ... I had many items on the mule and I would need some of them to keep playing, I had affixed the u Podiums created long ago for the future .. at least for now I ask you if you can recover at least some bow and objects to make this pe rle islands and Seraf who were a few items, such as crystal water, runic scripting kit etc ..... For the rest I can wait ...I thank you for your attentionWith best regards and many thanks :)
    Created: 26 August 2013 05:50 by Maledetto
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